Halloween ? No, I think it’s already Christmas !

Today I woke up with the interphone ringing ... I run down the stairs still in my pajamas and then I opened the door. A smile broke across my face. A big package for me ! I was expecting a package, yes, from Amazon.uk, but not until October, 27th ! So, it was a big…

With the autumn wind

There is a gentle breeze, mornings and evenings are getting colder. This period of the year, when you ought to say goodbye to the seaside, put away the swimsuit and spend the last breath of holiday in planning and organizing before returning to work or to study, while schools are starting and the days are…

Can You Spot the Indie?

E’ difficile per gli autori Indie* venire pubblicati dalle grandi case editrici ? Molti dicono di sì, ma a quanto pare non è cosa impossibile ! Una fantastica dimostrazione viene dalla recente decisione della Barnes &Noble di mettere nei suoi scaffali una serie di cui vi avevo parlato in una precedente recensione, THE MOON REALM, di Richard Due. I primi due volumi, The Moon Coin e Dragondain sono disponibili adesso anche nella versione cartacea ! Sono molto entusiasta di questo, perché è stata una delle mie scoperte più belle tra gli Ebook letti lo scorso anno.


It is difficult for Indie authors* to be published by the big publishing companies ? A lot of people say yes, but apparently it is not an impossible thing ! An amazing proof comes from the recent decision of Barnes & Noble to put on its shelves a series of books which I told you about in a previous rewiev, THE MOON REALM, by Richard Due.  The firsts two books, The Moon Coin and The Dragondain are now avalaible also in paper version ! I am very excited about this, because it was one of my best discoveries among Ebook read last year.


**Indipendent authors – autori indipendenti

"Tales, unlike stories, never lie."

Barnes and Noble, Sandy, Utah.

Like two little hobbits starting off on their first big adventure.


Hint: Second row, third and fourth from the left.

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